An Introspective Glance

Let’s take a minute to review the common feelings this pandemic has created and then let’s discuss what you can do to change the feelings you have.

In March of 2020, the world was hit by “something” and most people only ever felt the emotional impact.

What we aren’t realizing is that this takes almost EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US back to our childhoods. Many of us didn’t have great childhoods but even those who did are feeling the “parental lock down”of the situation.

Let’s take a second to think back to your childhood… how often were you told no, don’t do that, go to your room, children are to be seen and not heard, because I said so, etc? As an adult you may have even used those phrases with your own children…. But as a child, those words hurt. Those words created trauma and pain and who we are today. (So be grateful for them but learn from them)

When we got locked down and the life we’ve known as long as we’ve been alive was flipped upside down in a MOMENT without your permission, without asking, without any kind of option… ALMOST ALL OF US felt/feel all the same feelings we felt as children when our parents did the same thing to us. We spent our childhoods (15-18 most move out) living this way… SO EXCITED for the day we could move out and do it ourselves, have options because we said so, eat 14 cookies because we could, have dessert before dinner, stay up late…. And then… in 2020 we got put back to that childhood, our parents are now the government, our families are fighting over EVERYTHING, we’re all on edge and living in SURVIVAL mode.

After being angry for months, even knowing these facts, I decided I really didn’t enjoy being angry. I was not as kind as I normally am, I was frustrated which made EVERYTHING more frustrating, I was tired of feeling like I couldn’t do anything and like I was the victim of this story.

What if everything happens for a reason? What if this is happening to teach us all something? Like how to heal that childhood trauma… after all, if it was healed, we wouldn’t have been triggered.

Some people are still angry… or more so because we’re being pitted against each other… being angry makes you want other people to join you where you are… so why not just piss people off?

There’s a better option…

Choose to look at yourself, your trauma and pain around what’s happening… Take some time to ask yourself WHY you’re so angry, how you can move past it and what you want the future to look like because that’s all we’ve got control over…  (meditation is really helpful in these situations)

I have moved forward, less angry, less frustrated, but still triggered… we all have healing to do, less start where it hurts most. ❤️❤️❤️

– -Meridee