I’m reading the book “Loving What Is” by Byron Katie.


She states there are only 3 kinds of “business” in the world.

  1. Gods (universe/spirit… whatever you call it)… his business is when you’ll die, if you get sick, floods, war, etc,
  2. Your business is ONLY yours,
  3. And MY business is only mine.

The ONLY time you’ll have feelings of anxiety, stress, frustration, or other negative feelings is when YOU’RE IN SOMEONE ELSE’S BUSINESS.

Think about it…

If I am worried about how you feel, what you should or shouldn’t be doing… I’m  IN YOUR BUSINESS.

When I’m worried about what’s happening in the world, how people behave, the pandemic, whether I have food tmo or anything else.. I’m in gods business.

Ask yourself every time you feel a negative feeling… WHO’S BUSINESS AM I IN??

I find myself constantly laughing at myself for being in others business.

I own MULTIPLE businesses… HOW do I have time to focus on anyone else’s business???

Yet I’ll find myself in EVERYONE ELSE’S BUSINESS…

If I think

My mom should have loved me more… I feel sad, frustrated, hurt.. but then I realize I’m not in my business and how I can do better..

I’ll keep elaborating on this as it continues to change who and how I am.

I challenge you to 24 hrs of these thoughts… see how it changes you!!