Benefits of Quit Smoking Laser & LaserQuit

LaserQuit vs Other Options in British Columbia


There’s lots of pros and cons for every option we have for quitting smoking.. Here’s a lil example


Nicotine Replacement Therapies (Including patch, gum, lozenge, nasal spray and inhaler)


Pros                                                                       Cons

No nicotine withdrawal                                 Eventually you have to deal with nicotine withdrawal

Break habits yourself                                      Still dependent on nicotine

Controlled doses of nicotine                        Less of the other toxic chemicals in your lungs and system

Short term satisfaction                                  Unknown long term effects

Nicotine replacement therapy can become addicting

Difficulty of quitting is drawn out (not immediate)



Pros                                                                       Cons

85% forget to smoke                                      15% struggle

100% natural (homeopathic)                      5% fail (not willing to do the work)

Long term euphoric feeling                          There may be a month of difficulty and challenge

(upto 12 weeks)

Immediate relief of withdrawal symptoms

Relaxing treatment

Relieves pain and stress at same time

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