After Your Laser Quit Treatment


One common complaint we hear is that about 24 hours after the treatment people feel “uncomfortable”, lethargic, “like I have arthritis” as well as many other strange things. The key to remember with quitting smoking or any other kind of physical change within your body is that when you put whatever substance in your body you likely felt the effects when it entered (though that may have been so long ago you don’t remember, which is its own problem, with years of built up residues in your system) and now as it is removed from your body, you may feel some symptoms of this.

Within the LaserQuit program we teach you all the skills and tools you need to cope with “life after smoking” as well as our 3 Step program which consists of 1.) reminding yourself you are an addict and asking yourself, if this was ANY OTHER DRUG would I do it right now in this moment (and I can almost guarantee EVERY TIME the answer is NO!) 2.) Distract your mind (remember the red firetruck? Don’t think about it haha) and 3.) getting active (increased heart rate for your heart muscle that has memory really helps get endorphins releasing faster, increasing heart rate & metabolism and over all keeping you distracted).

The only way our body detoxes is through breath, sweat and pee. So get your heart rate up, which will increase your breath, causing you to drink more water, causing you to pee… whoop there’s a beautiful detox starting here!!

Our clients are most often quitting smoking or fighting addiction or losing weight and within all 3 detox is a major key in feeling better. We know 15% struggle and for those we don’t want to make things seem more challenging so we provide you with simple information without torturous remedies to go home and try, while encouraging them to visit a steam room (is the best it will get in your lungs and detox there too) or sauna to get their sweat on for 10-20 minutes a day for 3 consecutive days. This will be a game changer in your detox. If this is not available to you, feel free to create your own in your bathroom using a couple of small heaters turned up with the shower turned to straight hot water for steam and humidity, and spend 3 10-20 minute (or more) sessions in your bathroom!

If your still suffering or aching or just not quite right, there are many other options you can try!

Cream of Tartar with Orange Juice – has significant amount of potassium mixed with Vitamin C fortify your immune system allowing it to work faster and detox your system in only 3 days (upto 21 days). There are SOOOOO MANY benefits to Cream of Tartar.
Step 1.) Buy Cream Of Tartar
Step 2.) Buy 100% Orange Juice ( must be 100% OJ )
Step 3.) Mix Cream of Tartar and OJ together
Step 4.) Drink every evening for 7-21 days depending on the amount of nicotine in your system

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