Core Values

Core Values


    You can trust us. The addiction recovery process involves real vulnerability and that fact alone dissuades many people from ever entering a success-driven program

  • Honest & integral

    We don’t filter or shield you from the truth. We’re in this process with you and become part of your journey.

  • Fierceness

    We will fight for your recovery in an active and guiding manner. In us, you have an invested, all-hands-on-deck partner.

  • value

    We take the role of helping you succeed in your recovery process incredibly seriously and offer world-class service, attention and care to ensure we accomplish precisely that.

  • simple and consistent

    The road to lasting and full recovery is paved with simple actions that are carried through a consistent process.


According to Statistics Canada, 60% of the general population will experience problematic addiction in their lifetime. These addictions range from smoking, vaping and drinking to drugs, sex or opiates and often result in stress, anxiety and depression. In addition, over 40% of the adult population worldwide is overweight – which many studies cite as an addiction problem unto itself.

Various solutions include Nicorette gum, inhalers & medication which show to only have a 17% – 21% success rate that is temporary.

Additionally, In-patient treatment centers don’t report success rates because most treat addiction like a disease, which means for them, it is manageable not curable.

The statistically-proven method for long-term and permanent curability from any addiction is based on understanding the mental and emotional drivers behind the addictive behavior, which helps suspend the never-ending cycle of “on again, off again” with addiction tendencies.

This is why LaserQuit has shown to have a 95% success rate with our clients. 

Long Term Success

There is no “quick fix” or “miracle cure” for any addiction, whether that is food, drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, sex or one of the other many ways we use to cope. We need to first understand ourselves in order to make better choices. However when we deal with WHY we started the process to addiction we can heal the pain that created it. “Never ask why the addiction, ask why the pain” ~ Gabor Mate

Understanding & Knowledge – We believe that when you understand the drivers behind your behaviours, you will understand yourself and only then can you choose to do better or take different actions.

This is why we provide follow up support through treatments, phone calls, text messages and more. No addiction can be travelled through alone and yet there is no system for smokers because like emotional eaters, you should “just quit” and we know it’s not that easy.

Accountability – By having your coach keep you accountable by following up with you regularly, maintaining your treatments every 6-8 weeks, we create a new level of normal in your brain that prevents you from going back. Using 4 of these treatments creates the outcome of a higher level of endorphins which are our “feel good” hormones.

Personal Development – By making choices to heal ourselves we are able to make changes in our lives but most of us struggle to do this on our own, which is why we have these amazing treatments and a community of quitters who support each other and you become the best version of yourself.

“Choose your Hard” – We know that life is hard, so we help you choose your “hard”. Being a smoker, controlled by something, the stress of not having enough (money, cigarettes, food), the stress of when is my next “hit”.. or choosing to do the hard work that it will take to get you to a better place, so you can make better decisions and create “less hard” or more free!

Invest in Yourself – We have no problem spending money daily on something that is killing us but claim to struggle when we need to invest in ourselves. Your body is your only vehicle to move through this life but we treat our cars, kids, and animals better than ourselves. For you to be able to give, you need to be healthy and well first.