Why eight weeks is so important in our business

We occasionally get people who complain because they missed their “8 week followup” Even though we tell you when you call how often to come in for your treatments, we tell you again in a video that we send when we confirm your appointment, we tell you again when you coming to see us for your first treatment and then again when you receive your six week email reminding you that you only have two more weeks to get into see us.

If you haven’t started smoking or started your addiction again, you might be able to sneak in within the 8 to 9 week mark. But if you have screwed up your treatment and are still smoking you should be contacting us immediately to get that under control. Not waiting for eight weeks to come back for a follow up treatment.

The way the treatment works is that your initial treatment begins the raising of your endorphins. Over the next eight weeks those endorphins will continue to climb and increase (depending of course on how your life is going and what factors could bring the endorphins down)… By treating you on or before week eight, we are able to increase those endorphins or at least keep them maintained at a heightened level. This completely remove the craving it is what creates the quitting of your addiction.

By treating every eight weeks, we are able to create what we consider a new level of normal in your brain making it that you will never crave again…. Unless you pick up!

After week eight, the endorphins start to crash. They spend the next eight weeks crashing. Until you get back to the level you were before you came to see us and you have cravings. By week 16 no follow ups you will feel the same as you did prior to seeing us and likely be doing the addiction. Maintaining these treatments every eight weeks maintains a heightened level of endorphin, which keeps you feeling great and from doing your addiction!

So if you’re considering coming to see us make sure to follow the program! We have 100% success in 95% of the people who come to see us because those people follow the program!

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