Unfortunately, like any other addiction, there is no guarantee that YOU will conquer this addiction. This treatment does what it is supposed to, but you will have habits that are VERY DIFFICULT to break. This is a life style change, and some people can’t or won’t succeed, but with the follow up and support we offer YOU can decide not to be just another statistic!

Cold Laser Therapy has been used in clinical practice all around the world for over four decades. In 1916, Albert Einstein conceived the theory of Light Amplification through Stimulated Emission of Radiation or LASER. In 1967, Professor Andre Mester began using low power lasers in medicine. Dr. Mester is recognized by many as the grandfather of laser therapy. F.D.A Recognition of Cold Laser Therapy The F.D.A classifies medical lasers into three categories:

  • Class 4 Surgical Lasers
  • Class 3B Non-surgical Lasers
  • Class 3A Low-Level Lasers

Class 4 Surgical Lasers are used to cut, coagulate, and vaporize tissue. This is different from Class 3B and Class 3A non-surgical lasers, which are painless, non-burning, and non-cutting forms of lasers. Class 3B or Class 3A Low Level Lasers do not have the intensity to damage cells. Class 3A lasers help heal superficial wounds and conditions and will typically not penetrate below the skin’s surface. However, Class 3B low level lasers have the ability to penetrate and assist in the healing process of deep tissue and joint problems. (http://www.spine-health.com/treatment/pain-management/history-cold-laser-therapy) Meridee bought the company in July 2011.

The prescriptions and other aides do not deal with the “craving” once you stop taking them. This often causes people to start smoking again. There is also the weight gain, moodiness and stress factors that prescriptions and other aides don’t address. We remove the craving, giving you the power to take control of your addiction. The appetite suppressant treatment (that comes with a LaserQuit treatment) removes the weight gain factor, however; you will need to make healthy choices. The stress treatment helps with relaxation and removes the moodiness that is often associated with quitting smoking. These are 2 HUGE factors too many people choose to use as an excuse NOT quit smoking, now there really is no reason not to try!

In most cases, not yet, but check with your provider, however; by simply seeing your doctor, getting a “prescription to quit smoking” (that reads “Quit smoking Cold Laser Therapy” or “Quit Smoking LaserQuit”), you can claim it on your income tax at the end of the year, in most cases getting it refunded back to you or lowering your tax payable!
We haven’t met or heard of a doctor who doesn’t agree with this treatment. There are no real side effects, from this treatment. Most doctors don’t like giving prescriptions for pills with the major side effects that are often associated with them. Our suggestion to you is, Ask your doctor what they think? (We have successfully treated doctors with LaserQuit)
There are no “side effects” of the treatment. There will be side effects from your body and the detoxification process. For example, many clients report for the first 5 – 10 days, some restlessness at night (which can be treated naturally with Melatonin), sluggish or lethargic behavior (which can be treated with Vitamin B), coughing (some may be due to sinus drainage).
NO! There is some discomfort in the ears and the hands when the treatment is being done (due to accupressure points).
For most people, the initial treatment is all that is needed. We can provide you with a “refresher” treatment which takes about 15 minutes. The refresher treatment is valid for up to 8 weeks after your initial treatment. Of course, LaserQuit is here to help you successfully become a non-smoker, all you need to do is contact us to find out what else we can do for you.

No Refunds.
$50 cancellation fee for less than 24 hours notice