Franchise Opportunities

Who we are looking for!

We are so excited to bring new team members into the LaserQuit Owners exclusive group! We are looking for empathetic, motivated, enthusiastic, bright, fun, happy and helpful people! Our team gets together 1 or 2 times a year at a nice resort in a hot destination for some advanced training and support, personal development while learn skills and tools to take your business to the next level. You get placed in an exclusive online group compiled of ONLY LaserQuit owners to share experiences, receive or give feedback as well as marketing tools and information from each division.


Local Doctors: In the locations we have the local doctors are very supportive of what we’re really doing which is successfully quitting smoking. (We have tools for you to get your local doctors too) Other LaserQuit Division Owners: We like to keep the communication lines open and the help each person needs available to them. In doing so, we create a relationship with each one! We look forward to doing the same with you!



Help people quit smoking and fight addictions with 95% success rates, as well as mange pain, weight and stress using Cold Laser Therapy! Our initial consultation is a major factor in the successor failure of most of our clients. We offer the most knowledge and advice for quitting smoking and fighting addictions. Our follow up support plays a large role in keeping clients on track and getting them into a new routine! (We usually see only a few final support questions before most clients remember what to do from the consultation with a quick reminder) The above is only part of the reason we’re better than the small amount of competition out there! Our prices are very mid-range with incredible customer service and support! We’re also very picky about who you need to be to be on our team


Professional Clinic Revenues
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