God? Universe? Higher Being?

God? Universe? Higher being?

Most of us are aware, if nothing else, that there is SOMETHING greater than you out there.

I have chosen to focus my life into doing whatever “work” I am supposed to do to have the best life possible.

This is what we classify as our PURPOSE.

This for me always comes back to “Help other people”. And I’m sure if you look at yours, it is too possibly just in another way.

This “thing”, I’ve done some research, reading, listening and finding what my body & soul like, enjoy & prefer by exploring SOOOOO many options!

Anyone who knows me know I am not religious but I am incredibly spiritual. I live 100% by my instincts and intuition and what feels right.

These “findings” for me are interesting because as I may have heard something said, when I see it now I have a different understanding, one I never had before.

MY (me personally) beliefs are that there is something greater out there.

This this something is the nothing that is our air and fills the empty space but also creates the reality you see.

This something will and does create what you see.

I know what I want mostly by knowing EXACTLY what I DON’T want.

Problem is that we stay focused on what we don’t want and in turn create exactly THAT!

This few weeks has been an amazing example of how this something does exactly that.

July 15, after 3 weeks away & 2 weeks home, I FINALLY sat down to figure out bills.

What’s still due this month? What’s in the account? What’s coming up? What will we need?

Good thing I did because after 6 weeks of not looking at my bank account, I didn’t know what to expect! Lol

I’ve got a lot going on and so much in and out and 2 different businesses and one business runs 15 of our 30 clients businesses. So there’s A LOT to think about focus on and do correctly.

I wrote down a number for the end of the month. A number I wanted to make by July 31. In my account.

Today we exceeded that number and have 6 days left in the month!

Im not always as aligned with this energy as I am now having it flow easily. My key is to surrender to this THING because I am supposed to shine and the life I’m given is the one I need.


Do you remember a time you wanted something SOOOOOOO bad? Soooo bad you HAD TO HAVE it no matter the price? (Meridee-“every time I go to tony Robbins”) and there’s NO WAY you can afford it/make time for it/do it BUT you want it soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bad you’d do anything for it?

And then something happens and everything falls into place… and you get that EXACT thing you wanted so bad? (Or better cuz that how she rolls in my life lol)

The only way to create what you want… is to know what you want.

Start with something small and meaningless.

Yellow & butterflies are my favourite! So go!

Find yellow & butterflies!

And if you need or want help to start creating the life you actually want, reach out! Changing lives is what I do! Hahaha!

Kind Regards,


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