History of Laser Therapy

History of Laser Therapy in Canada


Laser Therapy is based on the ancient art of Chinese Acupuncture, which has been around for thousands of years. Using the information and success of using your body and your own energies to do the work to repair or correct various issues or  conditions ranging from musculoskeletal problems (back pain, neck pain, and others) to nausea, migraine headache, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and infertility.


Light Therapy & Radiation Treatment has Paved the Way for Laser Therapy uses!


Unfortunately there is not much science or research on this like there has been for acupuncture, this causes our industry a few additional issues as we are not scientifically proven to work.  In fact, much of the information you will find about us states we are a placebo effect. (Placebo defined as a harmless pill, medicine, or procedure prescribed more for the psychological benefit to the patient than for any physiological effect.

  • a substance that has no therapeutic effect, used as a control in testing new drugs.
  • a measure designed merely to calm or please someone


However, like many pills for various issues, one pill doesn’t effect everyone the same way, neither does laser therapy. Our success rates are unbelievable… if we really are a placebo effect like they claim, wouldn’t this be quite different?


The average industry standard treatment provides about 85-94% success (or so we claim) but changing the industry standard treatment to more depth and a full consultation to prepare you for the task of quitting smoking, has given Fresh Start Laser Therapy 95% (personally) success rates. This being said, either our consult is enough to make people succeed or the treatment really does work!


The biggest “issue” we run into seems to be “but it’s expensive”. Let’s look at this in a different way… How much do you currently spend on cigarettes? In a day? $12 is only $12 but in a month that’s $360 and in ONE YEAR it’s $4380.00!! Our price of $449 (includes 3 followups, making each treatment $112.50) is just over 1 month of smoking… Let’s go back or forward.. forward, you will continue to spend this amount each day or week or month until you finally try something to quit. Backwards, how long have you been smoking? The last 5-7 years smokes have been around the same amount per pack… so $4380 per year for a minimum of 5 years is $21,900.00!

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