I release endorphins in your brain similar to the ones your release when you smoke, removing your craving and leaving on the habits to break! Habits are tough so we discuss all the details, skills and tools you may need to successfully quit! I suggest you pay attention to your habits until you come see me by making yourself wait 20 minutes or so when you WANT to have a smoke, noticing what triggered you to smoke! (6 major triggers are after we eat, when we’re stressed out, alcohol, coffee, driving and boredom)

We have 20 or so minutes of consultation where I will answer any questions and provide you detail about the treatment, then you rest or nap for 20-30 minutes & when we’re done YOU ARE A NON-SMOKER!

$449 is the cost of the initial treatment plus 3 follow ups! Treatments can be as soon as 5 days or at 8 week intervals (MAXIMUM OF 8 WEEKS BETWEEN TREATMENTS)

When traveling there is a $250 deposit taken by etransfer or credit card with the balance paid in full at the appointment.

85% of clients forget to smoke, while the other 15% struggle.

What makes us different?

…is that we offer a full consultation prior to treatment which explains everything and will generally answer any questions you may have! But even further than that, we offer full follow up support (sponsor-like) with me or one of our coaches as well as the refresher treatments that will give you the additional boost you may need to get on track! Our price reflects that if you complete the program as recommended, it can last upto 1 year with follow up treatments, which may be the time you need to really learn to live without smoking.

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