LaserQuit Addictions Treatments

By releasing endorphins in your brain that exceed the endorphins you release by doing whatever addiction you have, removes the craving and in most clients the desire to do said addiction.

Whether you are quitting smoking, quitting opiates or drugs of any kind, fighting alcoholism or have some bad habits that are not serving you and you want to make a change, LaserQuit CAN HELP!

Using a specific sequence and timing in our treatments to treat different variables with different people has produced much of the same results but like a pill or any other product one person may react differently than the other.

85% of our clients find NO STRUGGLE and quit WHATEVER addiction they have specifically within just 1 treatment. The refreshers are there to keep the struggle away, used with no struggle every 8 weeks to ensure your success long term or every 5 days if struggling.

The 15% of clients who struggle usually fight habits rather than the actual addiction itself.

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