Let’s Talk About Failure!

Let’s talk about failure!  It’s not pretty and we aren’t fans of the discussion either but lets get very real about FAILURE…

We “claim” to have 95% success rates. That leaves 5 out of 100 people still not successful.

Here’s the catch, ONLY YOU can determine your success or failure… and I know I hear it all the time and I even will give you my REASON for failure, regardless of the situation.

What I can tell you is that my own failure (quitting smoking) has led me to my biggest success. Failure is a stepping stone. It teaches you that what you are currently doing may not be working.

Let’s put this to smoking. We do see the large majority (85%) of people, walk away beyond super satisfied and content within the first 3 months. But then life gets involved. The successful ones choose not to succumb to the urge or desire, knowing it will pass.

The minority (15%) of people struggle after the initial treatment. These are the ones we were unable to remove the desire and only removed the physical withdrawal symptoms leaving them with their habits and triggers that make it difficult to overcome addiction.

We promise to provide you with the support you need to get through the tough moments, however; if you don’t reach out to let us know you are struggling, how are we supposed to help?

YOUR FAILURE IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY! That means that if you do exactly what we suggest (there are thousands of suggestions and ideas we have for you) to get through the moments that are challenging (it takes 2-4 minutes to let the feeling pass), you will be successful. You will see the physical withdrawal is gone and the habit is the hard part which gives you a real understanding of your addiction and for many, motivation to push through.

The LaserQuit team can only provide you with what you request of us. We can and will provide you with the skills and tools to quit smoking successfully as well as support you fully through the process. The problem is we aren’t mind readers, we don’t know when or if you are the one who will struggle today. We need you to reach out rather than reaching for a cigarette. BUT AT THAT POINT, IT IS IN YOUR HANDS.

My team and I are occasionally blamed for peoples failure and when asked, “Did you do what we suggested?” “Did you reach out for support?” Or “Did you complete the program the way it was designed?”, the answer is ALWAYS “No.”

I see the failure in very personal ways too.

I have 2 teenage children who I recently caught vaping. This is so hard for me. I own a quit smoking company and help people daily to stop their addictions. Watching my own children create one (without the withdrawal symptom since they claim their non-nicotine) for the fun of it is MIND-BLOWING!

I have big shoulders and would take the blame if it makes you feel better but I won’t hold onto it because the day you truly figure that out, is the day you quit smoking for good.

Much love and respect,

Meridee xo

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