Meet Meridee

Our History

Meridee’s family history was enough for her to know better but not enough to stop her at a young age. Meridee’s family on both sides has been ravaged by Cancer, both from smoking and just naturally occurring. To show you a brief idea of what she was facing…. Meridee’s fathers mom died of cancer thru her entire body (naturally occurring), his father died of lung cancer 20 years later (smoking). Meridee’s mothers family is only worse, with 9 brothers and sisters, her dads family ALL DIED from cancer both natural and smoking).

Meridee started smoking when she was 11 years old. At 20, she had tried EVERYTHING to quit smoking, but having children was the easiest solution to her smoking (like so many women). Determined to stay a non-smoker for her children, she stayed quit for a few years, but she “fell off the wagon” while going thru a very difficult time in her life, which she did for 3 years.


Determined to quit again, she tried all the newest prescriptions, gums, and more and just couldn’t stop. A friend told her about “Cold Laser Therapy”, so she decided to try it and IT WORKED! 4 years later, she started smoking AGAIN but knew there was a solution for her. She called the Laser Therapist and while having her treatment, she decided she needed to help other people find a solution to their addiction as well. This included all the things that are missing from “Stop Smoking Campaigns” that will TRULY help people become non-smokers!

Mission & Vision

~ Meridee Hlokoff