Options for Quitting Smoking in British Columbia

Quit Smoking in BC Options


There are 5 basic options for quitting smoking


1.) LASER THERAPY (seriously, you know about us now, its time to try it out)

2.) Pills (Zyban, Champix, ect)

3.) Cold Turkey

4.) Counselling and support

5.) Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT)

6.) Allen Carr’s Easy Way to Quit Smoking book


I decided to research the success rates and costs of each


1.) Laser Therapy – Average cost in BC ranges from $300 to $1200, with and without followups. The industry standard success rates are 85% Fresh Start success rates are 95%, the cost is $449 and includes 3 additional followups.


2.) Pills (Zyban, Champix) – Average cost in BC is $43 to $120 per month with success rates of 15-23% (Zyban) and 21-23% (Champix) after one year (WHAT?) (The cost of each Laser treatment is only $112.50 if you use all 4!) And I found out that 90% of people choose to take this drug rather than try laser treatment and this one has proven side effects… my mind is BLOWN!!


3.) Cold Turkey – Average cost is NOTHING (you gain money… if you can do this) with success rates of …. they don’t know because people try to quit all the time so the information I could find seemed to average about 2%?


4.) Counselling and Support –  Average cost is free to $200 per hour depending on the type of counselling and support you find, and again the success rates aren’t even posted. I do find this is a huge benefit to my clients tho, I provide you with followup support to help get your addict brain back  on track and feeling good about the decisions you have made and are making.


5.) Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) – Average cost is free to $100 month depending on your financial situation and the average success rates are 21-23%!


6.) Allen Carr’s book – Average cost is $20 for the book and if you are really ready to look at yourself, THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU!


This information is shocking me to no end… that people are so willing to give up all options to try things with 20% success rates and complain so openly about the very low price of $449 for 95% success rates!!

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