Pain Management Treatments

LaserQuit Therapies offers a Pain Management program that works in various ways. Here’s a quick description of how it works and where we’ve seen the best results.

First you receive a simple stress treatment that releases endorphins in the brain that naturally decreases the pain receptor activity in your body. We then treat the specific area of injury or that is bothersome. The LED light combined with the low level radiation (cold laser therapy) is proven to speed healing by helping the body naturally increase blood flow and movement in that area.

Initial treatment has huge benefits with Fibromyalgia, Gout, Arthritis, feet and hand problems and injury. Headaches and migraines are also treated with this treatment.

When you have any kind of trauma or injury, your body sends blood cells and other healing agents immediately to the area or areas. The problem then can become a lack of breaking up the energy that was sent to the area creating more pain or unnecessary pain.

Laser Therapy helps break up this pooled energy creating movement and allowing new cells to enter for better healing. (Even in long-term injuries).

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