Quickest Way to Cancer

Here are the top 5 ways to getting the C – according to varying sources.

  1. Smoke till you choke – Don’t listen to the wimps who tell you not to smoke. Tell them that ‘everything causes cancer’ and we all die sooner or later anyway. Low-tar cigarettes or filters will protect you. Gutsy people who live life to the full are smokers. Smoking has the added benefit of exposing friends and family to lung damage.
  2. Junk Food – Try to avoid eating fresh fruit and vegetables (especially organically-grown ones) and stick to a fatty diet: lots of meat and dairy products like butter, cheese and cream. It is especially important not to eat yellow vegetables – like carrots, squash and yams. And make sure you avoid vegetables such as brussels sprouts and cabbages. These trouble-makers are known to spoil the development of an otherwise good cancer-causing diet. Try to eat as much smoked or salted food as possible and don’t spare the nitrites. Salami, smoked meat and hot dogs should be regular fare. Also avoid too much vitamin C and other vitamins.
  3. Stress
    • Stress can weaken your immune system. Your immune system defends your body against infections and diseases, such as cancer. A weakened immune system plays a role in the development of some types of cancer.
    • Stress can alter the levels of certain hormones in your body. This may also put you at greater risk of developing cancer.
    • Stress may lead to unhealthy behaviours. Overeating, smoking and heavy drinking are all lifestyle factors that increase cancer risk.
  4. Trust the System – What you don’t see can’t hurt you. Maybe meat is pumped full of hormones – and they say the oestrogen in those birth control pills increases the risk of uterine cancer. So what? They wouldn’t sell such things if they were really dangerous. And if there were the likelihood of naturally-occurring radon gas building up in the cellar, people would have told you about it. You shouldn’t bother to check it out yourself.
  5. Toil and Trouble – Get a job that exposes you to a regular dose of strong chemicals. Working in a tire factory or near a coke oven would do. But you could also pump gas, install asbestos insulation, pick fruit sprayed with pesticide or make plastics from vinyl chloride. If your boss provides safety equipment, don’t use it. Avoid meetings of the union health and safety committee. You have better things to do with your time.

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