Natasha, Williams Lake

Good morning,

So tomorrow at 10:30am will be one week smoke free. It was easy at first. It didn’t bother me at all. I started to notice though that I was stuffing my face. Constantly. CONSTANTLY. I slowly replaced that with coffee and suckers to keep the eating at a minimum. Honestly though, I wasn’t really struggling at all. Which was a HUGE deal. I have quit smoking once before, but I needed another form of nicotine to do it. So to have gone even 24 hours with no form of nicotine and not be punching people in the face was amazing. However as time went on, It got a little harder. When someone upset me or started to stress me out, I got angry and incredibly emotional because all I wanted to do was have a smoke but I refused to so I got angry, and emotional.
I started jogging.
It hasent been easy, but it has been easier then expected.
I’m still kind of stuffing my face more than i should be, and I have been getting irritated more easily but it worked. I enjoyed the session. I wished it was a little longer. 20 mins went by like 5 and I would have enjoyed 30 mins or more.
I am someone who struggles with anxiety and panic attacks very frequently and it sometimes takes control of my life, but the way I felt after the laser therapy was amazing. Relaxed and worry free. Even though I was never going to smoke again.

I would recommend this to someone.
And I hope one day I can have another treatment, even if I don’t need it.


Carli, 24,Chilliwack

“I have been a stinky smoker for 7 years, I quit for 10 months while I was pregnant with my son, but picked up the nasty habit shortly after his birth. Trying to quit on my own was extremely hard, and nerve wracking! The moodswings and cravings were so bad that it was easier for me to just continue to smoke, rather than put myself through so much stress. I had laser therapy on July 29, 2011 and have been smoke free since then, and plan to continue my new healthy life-style. The treatment took about 25 minutes and it went by faster than I had realized, and it was a relaxing & refreshing experience. After my treatment was finished, I felt a little tired and as if I was forgetting to do somthing, but I wasn’t… I just wasn’t smoking! It felt great not having any cravings while being around my friends who continue to smoke. Any other times that I have tried to quit smoking, I would usually end up having major mood swings and getting cranky after not having a cigarette, but the laser therapy ridded me of that! If I would have known about this treatment years ago, I would have quit a long time ago! Laser therapy has changed my life and helped me lead a healthier lifestyle. My biggest reason for wanting to quit is my son. I would hate to see him doing that to his own body, so why would I do it to mine? After all, I do want to live long enough to watch him grow up and have babies of his own! I am so glad I found Fresh Start Laser Therapy, it has completely changed my life!”

Nicole, 34 , Kamloops

“I found this treatment an experience. I could feel my body relaxing as the treatment was being done. I felt the release of my sinus’s, a lower appetite for food, and surprisingly I didn’t crave cigarettes. I still had the “desire” which I quickly learned was the habits I still had to break. After the first week, I found I had energy, I hadn’t gained weight and being around smokers was ok with me. I learned so much from LaserQuit that made quitting smoking an easier task than I had dreamed. I was surprised to find out that smoking is so similar to other addictions but helped me understand why this was such a battle for me. I have also utilized the personal training sessions (& a great bootcamp) to get in shape. I am reaching my goals (so many different ones) thanks to Fresh Start & LaserQuit!”

Ralph, 71, Kamloops

“I am the true skeptic and rightfully so. I have tried EVERYTHING to quit smoking. After 60 yrs of smoking, I figured I was out of luck. Not having great experiences or ANY success in quitting smoking so far, I didn’t have the best attitude towards this treatment either. I will admit my surprise when I left and almost felt confused due to forgetting to smoke. It was a one of a kind experience. Now that I know I have a solution, I feel better but truly cleansing my body of this horrible habit has been very freeing. I also have very serious breathing problems and without Fresh Start I’d be dragging an oxygen tank with me in no time… this wasn’t an option for me. I left Fresh Start feeling pretty good, relaxed, refreshed & a “non-smoker”…. Strangely enough, I am actually a non-smoker and I have NO CRAVINGS. I can be outside and around smokers without any problem!”

Luke Dodd, Fort MacMurray, AB

“I smoked for 7 years and tried quitting numerous times without success but with fresh start It made quitting easy – Warmest personal regards, Luke”

Jamie Third-Doherty ,Kamloops

“I’ve been meaning to thank you! It’s been about four months since you did the smoking treatment and I’m still holding strong! Thank you very much!!”

Darren, Kamloops

“I smoked for about 10 years, and after i quit drinking i smoked even more. Wanting to quit for quite some time I heard About Meridee and decided to give her method a try, let me tell you as soon as the therapy was over I never smoked again!. Its been 14 months now and not a single craving!, and have never felt better. Meridee made it a very comfortable and relaxing experience, very professional as well. I recommend Meridee’s therapy to lots of smokers, and if you are considering it, do it!! ”

Mike Cartwright

So I was a pack/day plus or minus kinda guy for 25 ish years(since teens)
I used to smoke a lot while driving alone (prince george to van =pack and half easy)
Not anymore ….. I admit I was skeptical at this Laser show thinking total BS, but I tried it to appease my wife and kids. Had appointment on a wednesday morning … Had 3 cigs before treatment and havent had craving since …. That Sunday I drove to Vancouver and no craving in the car, I hung out with my smoker friends to “Test” myself and passed.

I changed some habits but not very many, biggest change is my social drinking and coffee consumption.

As of today I am 7 weeks and 2 days without a cig and loving it

Candice Dehaan

FIVE days smoke free and going strong! Hubby even smoked in the truck on the way home and I was impermeable! Thank you so much! Your energy is contagious and your services were the catalyst for the ultimate change I needed. I’m already living healthier (rather than just thinking about it) and gave up coffee at the same time! I haven’t had a migraine in four days!!! I think I sparked some competitive jealousy in the husband because he was asking when you’d be back and I have family who have been inspired and interested too! Ps: I love that I’m not raiding my cupboards or fridge!!!

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