Strange Addictions

We’ve seen some interesting things come through our door and being willing to try treating anything, we’ve agreed to try when someone calls or comes in with a “strange addiction”.

Recently we’ve seen an adult with a LIFE-LONG habit of thumb sucking. Literally she started in womb and is now over 30 years old. Not something you would be proud of or want to share with anyone nevermind trying to figure out how to break the habit on your own!

LaserQuit has been proven effective to remove the urge, urge for whatever it is.. the urge to put her thumb in her mouth when times became stressful, urge for our turrets client to tick, the urge to smoke or do a drug, the urge to hurt.

When the urge or thoughts are removed or diminished, you have been given back your power!  Your ability to say no when your body and life are asking you to go back into old routines. Your ability to function without the constant reminder..

Remember all LaserQuit coaches and treatment specialists have been trained to listen without judgement, to help without putting their personal views, thoughts, or feelings into your treatment. When you come in, you should feel comfortable enough to discuss anything! Most clients will leave with a sense of satisfaction and contentment as well as feeling a real connection to your treatment specialist!

Quitting smoking can be one of the most difficult tasks you have to do in your life and we want to make it successful and productive as well as comfortable and supported.

With the right tools and skills provided to you for your own individual “habit” will help you to find the way to new routine and habits, creating a new you!

We love to be part of your success, so make sure to reach out when your done making excuses!

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