Teenage Drug Trends

This week we discuss teenage drug and addiction trends and it was outright shocking.

We found out that kids can use the most basic things to get high.

Smoking or ingesting large quantities of nutmeg

“Cinnamon challenge” which could kill your child

“Tide pod challenge” stomach & intestinal damage, potential hallucinations

Hand sanitizer for moonshine

Digital drugs – white noise with sound effects causing kids to hallucinate or become overstimulated and zombie like

Cough syrup for alcohol (& hallucinations)

Alcohol tampons – faster absorption, inserted in the rectum or vagina

Potpourri- heart palpitations, hallucinations & even brain damage

Air conditioner Freon – somehow they smoke it.. it can cause immediate death & MANY other symptoms

This is so incredibly sad.

If you didn’t watch the video, you’ll find it pinned to the top of the page, pls share it so we can help parents become aware!

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