Carli, 24,Chilliwack

“I have been a stinky smoker for 7 years, I quit for 10 months while I was pregnant with my son, but picked up the nasty habit shortly after his birth. Trying to quit on my own was extremely hard, and nerve wracking! The moodswings and cravings were so bad that it was easier for me to just continue to smoke, rather than put myself through so much stress. I had laser therapy on July 29, 2011 and have been smoke free since then, and plan to continue my new healthy life-style. The treatment took about 25 minutes and it went by faster than I had realized, and it was a relaxing & refreshing experience. After my treatment was finished, I felt a little tired and as if I was forgetting to do somthing, but I wasn’t… I just wasn’t smoking! It felt great not having any cravings while being around my friends who continue to smoke. Any other times that I have tried to quit smoking, I would usually end up having major mood swings and getting cranky after not having a cigarette, but the laser therapy ridded me of that! If I would have known about this treatment years ago, I would have quit a long time ago! Laser therapy has changed my life and helped me lead a healthier lifestyle. My biggest reason for wanting to quit is my son. I would hate to see him doing that to his own body, so why would I do it to mine? After all, I do want to live long enough to watch him grow up and have babies of his own! I am so glad I found Fresh Start Laser Therapy, it has completely changed my life!”