Natasha, Williams Lake

Good morning,

So tomorrow at 10:30am will be one week smoke free. It was easy at first. It didn’t bother me at all. I started to notice though that I was stuffing my face. Constantly. CONSTANTLY. I slowly replaced that with coffee and suckers to keep the eating at a minimum. Honestly though, I wasn’t really struggling at all. Which was a HUGE deal. I have quit smoking once before, but I needed another form of nicotine to do it. So to have gone even 24 hours with no form of nicotine and not be punching people in the face was amazing. However as time went on, It got a little harder. When someone upset me or started to stress me out, I got angry and incredibly emotional because all I wanted to do was have a smoke but I refused to so I got angry, and emotional.
I started jogging.
It hasent been easy, but it has been easier then expected.
I’m still kind of stuffing my face more than i should be, and I have been getting irritated more easily but it worked. I enjoyed the session. I wished it was a little longer. 20 mins went by like 5 and I would have enjoyed 30 mins or more.
I am someone who struggles with anxiety and panic attacks very frequently and it sometimes takes control of my life, but the way I felt after the laser therapy was amazing. Relaxed and worry free. Even though I was never going to smoke again.

I would recommend this to someone.
And I hope one day I can have another treatment, even if I don’t need it.