“I am the true skeptic and rightfully so. I have tried EVERYTHING to quit smoking. After 60 yrs of smoking, I figured I was out of luck. Not having great experiences or ANY success in quitting smoking so far, I didn’t have the best attitude towards this treatment either. I will admit my surprise when I left and almost felt confused due to forgetting to smoke. It was a one of a kind experience. Now that I know I have a solution, I feel better but truly cleansing my body of this horrible habit has been very freeing. I also have very serious breathing problems and without Fresh Start I’d be dragging an oxygen tank with me in no time… this wasn’t an option for me. I left Fresh Start feeling pretty good, relaxed, refreshed & a “non-smoker”…. Strangely enough, I am actually a non-smoker and I have NO CRAVINGS. I can be outside and around smokers without any problem!”