The Benefits of Quitting Smoking

Benefits of quitting smoking


There are so many benefits of quitting smoking! Let’s start with the things you probably won’t think about.


Did you know that one of the “things” that you’re addicted to is dramatic increase in heart-rate? When you smoke, your entire body is being poisoned. Your blood vessels constrict, slowing the flow of blood through your vessels while also increasing the number of beats and volume. It’s causing so many negative reactions inside your body.


We hear all the time “BUT I LIKE SMOKING” and when I am told this my response is always the same. “Really focus on the cigarette and how it feels and what it’s doing as it moves through your body. It burns your mouth and your taste buds (this only takes a bit to get better once you quit), then burns all the way down your throat and into your lungs, really feel it… then feel it as it come back out as it does the same thing, feel that burn, and then tell me if you still feel that cigarette was enjoyable.”


Let’s go through the quit smoking benefits from the first few minutes to the next 20 years!


Within the first 20 minutes after a cigarette, you heart-rate starts to return to normal.


After 12 hours, your body is absorbing more oxygen and feeling more energetic.


The 3rd day your body is almost completely detoxed of nicotine and the “withdrawal” symptoms could be at a peak.


With LaserQuit these feelings are often much less but also much sooner. These “symptoms” usually make you feel sad, angry, like you are grieving the loss of a friend, depression, anxiety, headaches, lethargy (exhaustion, tiredness), joint and body aches.


These symptoms usually come within 12 hours and disappear within 3 days (with LQ treatment).


5 days after quitting, your cilia start to grow back. These are the hair like fibres that line the lungs and throat keeping dust and other particles from entering the lungs. As a smoker you burn the top half of the cilia from your lungs and throat. (there’s that burning again)


1 year later, your risk of heart disease is cut in HALF!!


5-15 years after quitting smoking your risk of stroke is that of a non-smoker.


10-15 years after quitting, your risk of lung cancer is half and your risk of other cancers is that of a non-smoker.


Now things you likely think about often.


Easier breathing – mostly noticed after running up stairs or hiking or walking with friends


Your “aroma” – your hair, your clothes, your house and vehicle, so much better, when you put cologne or perfume on others can actually smell it hours later


More time – Every cigarette is between 4-7 minutes of time, 1 pack takes up to 140 minutes of your day… and what do we do when we currently get bored? Go out and smoke!!


Clean house – you have more time and cleaning is distracting


More productive life – you have more energy and more time, how can you not become more productive?


MONEY!!! $360 A MONTH!!! $4380 PER YEAR!!! Seriously? That 2 hot vacations in one year for one pack of smokes a month!

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