The $$ of smoking

We don’t find it quite as big of a deal to buy our pack of smokes everyday, tho the closer we get to next pay day, the less we smoke because money is getting tight.. Well here’s a pretty great reason why..

If you smoke 1 pack per day at the average cost of $12.50 per pack, you spend $375 in a month, or $4562.50 per year!!!! We have 2-4 pack a day smokers who quit in only ONE treatment! Imagine what you could do with $4600 a year!! Or for those who smoke 2-4 times that? (x2 packs a day $8760, and x4 packs a day $17,520). What if it is you AND your spouse? OMG! This number gets INSANE! (In 2016, I posted this same post but the cost was $12 per pack, $360 in a month and $4380 in a year!! It adds up, and every year it will continue to do so!)

Did you know that the government has implemented an action plan to increase the cost of cigarettes by $3.00 per carton every year as incentive for people to quit?

Did you know that with only one treatment from us you could start saving this amount of money after just 1 month!! With 94-96% success rates, why are you still waiting?

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