‘Tis The Season for Seasonal Mood Disorder

SAD – Seasonal Affliction Disorder

What is it?

A type of depression or sadness that occurs in western Canada (across the world ???? as well) usually October to March.

Symptoms :

– impairs your abilities to act and think clearly
– changes in weight & appetite
– sleep problems
– loss of interest in friends, family, work, life
– withdrawing or hermitting
– feeing guilt or loss, sadness, hopelessness and more seemingly from nowhere
– irritability
– excessive emotions (lack of control over emotions)
– feeling uncontrollable.

– Lack of sunlight(vitamin D)
– adjustment of our biological clock (time change)

Risk factors:
– women more often than men
– people who spend excessive time in the sun in summer (outdoor workers)
– distance from equator
– younger people (risk decreases with age) (@38 I still see it pretty severe)

– light therapy/tanning
– counselling
– antidepressants

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