What it’s like Dating A Smoker by a Non-Smoker

What it’s like to date a smoker?


So an ex-smokers point of view is probably the strongest point of view when it comes to smoking… PERIOD.


We have been down the road of addiction and struggled our way through quitting and giving up our addiction. I found when I quit using every other method, I was what I call a “down wind smoker”. I loved the smell of other peoples burning cigarettes but immediately tell them all the reasons they should quit. Jealousy that they could still do the drug I had given up…


So for me being an addict (yep I said it), dating a smoker was supposed to be a rule breaker… until I met this guy.. and thru many weeks of discussion and getting to know each other, I found out he was an ex-smoker but was still struggling to quit. (I didn’t own the company at this time but this is what lead me to buy the training and start my own business.) I told him how I had quit and I think around this time he just gave up trying and started smoking, only not around me. This was ok with me because as an addict when your drug of choice is in front of you, you have trouble not picking it up.


After a few more weeks and all of my friends in my backyard at a BBQ, I noticed almost every single person was smoking including my best friend who had never smoked (she had just started an ugly divorce). I went to my “boyfriend” and took his cigarette out of his hand (maybe the second time he smoked around me) and took a puff… just one puff… and I HATED it.. It burned my mouth and taste buds, all the way down my throat and made me cough.. It was horrible.. I gave him his cigarette feeling like I remembered why I quit… but the following day, about 18 hours after that puff, I suddenly felt rage, anger, bitterness, frustration and more without any kind of reason or stimulation. This was my addiction rearing its ugly little head… I tried to avoid a smoke for the majority of the day but got to the point I thought I might kill someone if they so much as spoke to me… and I was a smoker again.


Though in this moment I knew I needed to get back to the place I had used laser therapy 5 year prior and quit again. When I booked my appointment (only 3 weeks into smoking again), I knew I would be successful. But when I arrived to have my treatment done, many things lead me to the purchase of the training and starting my own business!


So for me, dating a smoker is not just a no-no but the fastest way back to your addiction!!


Not only that but smokers clothing, hair, breath and fingers smell so bad.. ALL OF THE TIME.. it is not something that only happens after they smoke but throughout the day and night. Their clothes have a permanent stink regardless of washing, they have a personal aroma that comes from the detox of the poisons in your system, their hair smells like a damp ashtray  while right after their smoke you could gag on their smell…



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