Tony Robbins has taught us that there are 6 BASIC Human Needs.. and what’s strange is that people will go against their own morals and beliefs to meet these needs.


If you meet 3 or more of these needs you will become addicted to the behavior, whether good or bad.


First, let me give you a breakdown of these 6 Basic Human Needs


1.) Certainty – a sense of knowing, without question what will be

2.) Uncertainty – we love a surprise, until its one we didn’t want or ask for

3.) Significance – a sense of being unique, standing apart from the rest, being different

4.) Love & Connection – a sense of understanding, with and to others

(5 &6 are spiritual)

5.) Growth – change and discovery of yourself, (ie quitting smoking LOL)

6.) Contribution – giving of yourself, a sense of returning what we have taken


Makes sense?


Smoking is a prime example of how this all works.


Smoking is meeting some of your needs or you wouldn’t have pushed through the distaste of it all to continue which lead to your addiction.


What needs are you meeting? You meet #1 – your sense of security knowing how your body will react (the high your body feels from any drug is only the reaction of different levels of different endorphins being released due to whichever substance you have put in your body, reaction time and duration depends on the drug as well). As well as #2 – the uncertainty of how your body will react this time (yes I know I mentioned it before but the same action is meeting 2 of your needs in different ways). #3 – you are starting to be the different ones. The ones being shunned. This gives certain people not only a sense of significance but a place to put your defiance, anger or frustration. #4 – “There’s so many of us being shunned”, you get your sense of community as well… OMG WE JUST MET 4 NEEDS… which creates an addiction to the behavior.


I can help you meet those 4 needs within quitting smoking using LaserQuit therapies. Let’s see how!


#1.)  Certainty – 95% success rates with our treatments and support

#2.) Uncertainty – Not knowing what your life will be like or look like without smoking

#3.) Significance – Being one of our many success stories, you share the experience with others and connect with them

#4.) Love & Connection – most people feel this with me immediately, you will understand your own addiction, how to cope and feel NO JUDGEMENT only acceptance.

#5.) Growth – Learning to cope with life in a different way, creating the outcomes you want using the tools and skills we provide you as well as the followup support we offer

#6.) Giving of yourself – Simply sharing your story and how you successfully quit smoking and changed your life will help others find the solution they need as well!!


So I can help you become addicted to becoming better and healthier by meeting the same needs with different actions!! THIS IS WHERE THE SUCCESS COMES IN!!

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