Where Our Beliefs Come From


We’ve been talking live on the Facebook page about our opinions, beliefs, & expectations and how they’re not actually OURS.

Let’s break it down…


Influence is the things that surround you, this is the people who surround you and the experiences you have. If you were religious there are certain influences you have growing up, like churches, parents & other adults who share the same beliefs.
Perception is the way you experience the world around you. Your perception if religious would be church on Sundays, prayer before food or bed, ect.
BELIEF SYSTEM is the way you feel things should be, brought on by what you have experienced in this life. Belief that you need to be in church on Sunday, praying before meals and bed ect.
EXPECTATIONS is the way you expect others to behave due to your experiences.

EXPECTATIONS WE HOLD OF OTHERS!! Do you even fully fulfill your expectations of yourself? Probably not or you would be perfect. So why would you expect perfect from other people? And remember they have had a whole different level of Influence with COMPLETELY DIFFERENT experiences.

Your family created your beliefs, so why not create new ones? I know my parents thoughts on so many things are completely out of date and don’t apply in todays world. Open your mind to new experiences, listen to other peoples stories and imagine how you would experience and then let them experience it. Your lessons and experiences will be completely different from anyone elses, even the people the closest to you who GET YOU. They are not experiencing it the same.

Remember also that your driver(reason) is more important than your behaviour. Behaviour is the result, so really look for the REASON when you behave in a way you don’t like. Once you understand that the outside world is a reflection of the inside, meaning when you feel triggered by someone, looking at yourself to see if that trait or words spoken are actually something you don’t like about yourself? Perhaps something you’ve never experienced? Or something you have experienced and didn’t like? TRULY LOOK AT YOU, BE HONEST. You’ll likely laugh because your initial reaction is, “WHATEVER, I am nothing like that. But I Hate…… about them.” Ask yourself how this may apply to you, suddenly you realize how silly it is and since you now see it, you can choose not to take that action again. Each time it comes up is a chance to grow and change the old habit into a more desirable one.

Misunderstanding leads to judgement, understanding creates freedom, so have an open mind and let others live their life and their journey, you have your own to worry about after all. When you are perfect, you can start focusing on other people and their issues, until then why don’t we focus on ourselves.

We have 6 basic human needs, 2 ONLY YOU can fulfill. If we meet 3 or more of these needs with any behavior we become addicted to that behavior, good or bad. If it serves you in a negative way, replace the behavior with one that is more desirable. The 2 only you can fulfill are
– spirituality
– personal growth

The other 4 we feed with external circumstances, people and experiences
– certainty – knowing what’s coming next, routine
– uncertainty – surprises, unexpected experiences
– significance – being unique, standing out, having your own purpose
– love & connection – people buying into your story (victim, boss, laughter, joy)


LaserQuit meet 4 of and help you accomplish 1 of the 6 needs)
– certainty – 95% success rates
– uncertainty – will it work?
– What will life be like not smoking?
– Significance – not cool to smoke anymore
– Connection – our support system helps you understand your own addiction
– GROWTH – the ability to conquer your addiction and become a stronger you

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