Why people think they can’t just STOP

When I tell people what I do, I’m sometimes met with “I don’t understand why people can’t just STOP. I mean I get drugs but cigarettes are just nasty.”

This response makes me laugh a lil and gives me a chance to explain that smoking is an addiction… like drugs and alcohol. And lets be real, its all nasty. It destroys your body and in many cases ruins lives (if not takes them).

We all understand the dangers, yet we continue to do things that will cost us our health or our lives…

We only have 3 methods of payment in society..
– time
– energy
– money

We exchange time and energy for money… but we have difficulty giving up our money…. We’re more likely to provide our time or energy, which we can’t get back.

If you’re a smoker you know that there are more parts to quitting that just the physical dependence on nicotine.

What happens when you smoke or do any drug or alcohol, is an endorphin release to a toxin in your body. Some (like nicotine) have a short shelf life and your body releases them quickly, causing the need for another shortly after the last one.

This creates a habit – generally hourly – to sustain the “relaxed” feeling of the endorphin release. Over time your body adjusts to the chemicals and your need to smoke may increase.

Once we have this chemical dependency, we no longer have a habit and officially a full blown addiction.

The majority of failures (even in Laser therapy) are typically found when stress arises. Cigarettes release an endorphin that calms your mind and body during these moments but there’s also the “leaving the situation” that also relieves the level of stress. (We teach you how to deal with stress without cigarettes so you can have true success when quitting)

Many of our suggestions include activity, going for a walk, hitting the gym, running around your vehicle or up and down stairs – even tho momentary, this will release the endorphins you are looking for and will provide the calmness you are looking for. We also provide you with full support – so rather than reaching for a cigarette, reaching for the phone to reach out to us!

We have this idea that quitting smoking will be a 1 day process.. and tho LaserQuit can make it happen in 1 day, we need TIME to create real change. Habits need to be replaced or changed.

The first few weeks after quitting our mind plays games on us. We think about smoking CONSTANTLY, it takes time for the mind to calm down. It’s similar to a break up – once its over you want to call or text because you have done it for so long.. creating the new habit will break this thought process up. Focus on TODAY.. on right now.. We have 66,000 thoughts per day… 2/3 are negative and we’re really good at beating ourselves up..

Remember that the start of the process will always be the most difficult but it is a temporary phase that we need to experience to create the new outcome.

Remember nothing worth doing is easy.

And we’re here to support you thru the process.

All smokers harbour the secret thought that they will not get sick, get cancer or emphysema, COPD or any of the battery of illness smoking causes… but the odds are not in your favour.. it may be time to reconsider.

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