Wow!! The price of everything just keeps climbing. Some days it feels like we’re never going to get ahead in this life. But there are ways to support yourself in preparing for a better life.

Some tips to support you in creating a life you enjoy financially


1.)  Invest in RRSPs – Your misconception of how RRSPs work is probably why you don’t invest in them. I hear it all the time “RRSPs ripped me off”. Ahhhh, but they didn’t…. your lack of understanding is how you screwed yourself! Lol

When you invest in an RRSP it is consider untaxable income, or a deduction from income. To make things easy lets pick random numbers.. If you make $100,000 per year you would  typically pay about $25,000 in income tax. If you invest $500 mthly into an RRSP you will have a $6000 deduction from income, your income tax bracket drops and you have already paid the tax on the money, creating a refund on your current taxes. Keep in mind this money is to be kept in this account UNTIL RETIREMENT not used as a savings account. If you take this money out while working you will have taxes to pay as the income will not be taxed at your current tax bracket.  By investing your refund from income tax you increase next years refund! *** Side note, if I suggested that we play golf at double or nothing starting at a penny, you would join right? Did you know the 18th Hole would be over $13,000!!! This is how compound interest works!***


2 .) Quit smoking – this is literally the one place you LIGHT YOUR MONEY ON FIRE. On top of that, the government increases the cost of smoking by $2-3 per pack per year as an INCENTIVE to get you to quit smoking… but addiction doesn’t care about what it costs, it cares what it thinks feels good… even if it really doesn’t feel good. If you actually sit and smoke a cigarette consciously (not just the unconscious habit of the addiction), you will find that you actually don’t enjoy it much at all. And that your FEAR prevents you from creating the real life you want.


3.) Create a Budget and follow it – Commit to 6 mths first of following a new budget, make sure you adjust your life to fit this budget. Create a savings account for your rainy day fund for unexpected expenses!


4.)  Look at your priorities – Figure out what is important to you… some people want more tattoos, some people eat out a lot, some people want to buy a home…. Ask yourself what you WANT in life and find ways to start doing what it takes to create that outcome by choosing where to spend your money and where to trim the fat.


5.)  Start a fitness routine – I know it doesn’t seem like a money saver, but this too will save your health giving you more time to create the life you desire. Fitness will give you a place to keep busy when bored without additional cost. Maybe find group fitness so you can make new friends or a dance class or something you can get excited for.